Doctor of Education (EdD)


Alexander Gagnet

Ed.D. Student

"What I love best about the program is the care and attention the faculty put into the success of all the students. You really feel wanted and appreciated for your hard work and effort."

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David Slater EdD Student

David Slater

Ed.D. Student

"I like the support Marymount offered to students like me who would be fully remote—as well as the emphasis on access to professors and their willingness to be available."

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Harold Thomas EdD Student

Harold Thomas

Ed.D. Student

Marymount’s responsiveness and professionalism—from the admissions counselor with whom I initially spoke to the professors—made me choose this school for my Ed.D. degree.

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EdD Student Jenn Scully

Jenn Scully

Ed.D. Student

I liked the overall direction of Marymount’s program. It was diverse enough in content—yet the scope matched my career goals. I also am happy with the online platform that works nicely into my current work schedule.

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Jess Burns-Turch Ed. D. student

Jessica Burns-Turch

Ed.D. Student

We have a dynamic group of professors that are readily accessible and provide real-time feedback. Dr. Clara Hauth is full of life and "keeps it real,” challenging us, and holding us accountable.

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Justin Ralston

Justin Ralston

Ed.D. Student

As someone who has led through a pandemic now, the biggest highlight has been the level of community engagement of the program.

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Kristie Edwards Headshot

Kristie Edwards

Ed.D. Student

I chose Marymount University for a few reasons that I found impactful not only for my current learning but learning beyond. Marymount came highly recommended by my colleagues who knew they wanted to pursue a doctorate while continuing their career.

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Lisa Arthur hike

Lisa Arthur

Ed.D. Student

I chose the Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and Organizational Innovation program at Marymount because of the emphasis on innovation.

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Lisa Reents EdD Student

Lisa Reents

Ed.D. Student

I appreciate MU’s founding, mission, and vision which I find agreeable with my worldview. I was very interested in seeking a program that could offer me a robust education alongside solid ethical threads.

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Campus students marymount university

Maria Paredes

Ed.D. Student

I truly feel like I couldn't have picked a better school and career thanks to them, which is the reason I came back for graduate school.



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Marie Gemelli-Carroll

Marie Gemelli-Carroll

Ed.D. Student

I chose Marymount University for its relevance to today’s world, its eye is on sustaining the mission, and because it is adaptive, flexible, and responsive to the needs of its students and community.

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Pretty George, EdD Student

Pretty George

Ed.D. Student

I chose MU because I have a passion for leadership and for helping new leaders start their leadership journey.

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Somachi Kachikwu EdD Student

Somachi Kachikwu

Ed.D. Student

I chose Marymount University due to the critical components of my desired Ed.D. program – practical, emphasis on collaboration, research-oriented and global minded.

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Toni Bissen

Toni Bissen

Ed.D. Student

Marymount University - it was perfect for me. It felt like I found the needle in the haystack, or that I found my soulmate - like the perfect match. I honestly thought it was a Holy Spirit thing.

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Travis Zimmerman

Travis Zimmerman

Ed.D. Student

I chose MU because I wanted something close and local. I evaluated 3 programs before deciding on MU. The responsiveness of the graduate student advisors played a role as well as the cost competitiveness of the program in my final decision.

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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Jennifer Bates

Jennifer Bates

DBA Student

Being able to say that I myself am an expert in both business and technology, as well as how they intersect, makes me much better aligned with how those businesses view themselves—and how I fit into that culture and necessary skill sets.

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Erin Griffin Online ABSN Student

Erin Griffin

Online ABSN Student

I want to accomplish earning my degree and then hopefully eventually work in either the NICU or in the labor and delivery unit.

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Gabrielle Bahou online ABSN student

Gabrielle Bahou

Online ABSN Student

What I'm most excited out with the program is that I get to travel to different clinical location sites, and then I can also complete the program in 16 months.

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Jennifer Dysart

Jennifer Dysart

Online ABSN Student

I felt like the content and quality of the courses matched the price tag. I really felt like I was getting a quality education. A lot of my great experiences had to do with the faculty.

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Katarina Maric, online MSN-FNP Student at Marymount

Katarina Maric

Online MSN-FNP Student

"I’m surprised by the relationships I’ve built with people—you don’t feel like you’re online, you have support all of the time."

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Phyo Myo

Phyo Myo

Online ABSN Student

Throughout the program, I was impressed with the professors' attention and devotion to students with genuine concern for our success.

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Sarah Oney Online ABSN Student

Sarah Oney

Online ABSN Student

I was inspired to attend Marymount University's program because it's family-friendly. I am an active duty spouse, and I am a mother of three.

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Tara Peterson

Tara Peterson

Online ABSN Student

Prior to enrolling in the ABSN program at Marymount, I graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and served for 8 years on active duty in the US Coast

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