Stacey Morin

Stacey Morin Marymount DBA Student
DBA Student

What made you choose Marymount University for the pursuit of your Doctorate? 

I selected the DBA program at Marymount University, as it focuses on business analytics. I also chose Marymount, as it is a small private school with white-glove service and also very diverse. Diversity, equity and inclusion is very important to me as an openly proud gay woman. 

Why did you decide to earn your DBA? 

As a rule of thumb, a DBA is considered a professional doctorate, continuing to work in corporate America, and a PhD is an academic doctorate. Those who choose to become a Doctor of Business Administration are typically working professionals with managerial experience who want to focus on applied research to solve real-world problems in business — which is me. 

What motivates you to complete an online program? 

The benefit of studying online is that you have a school-life balance. There is no commute time. I am a busy executive in corporate America. Any extra time I can save is beneficial. All classes are conducted on Zoom on video, so it is like you are sitting in a classroom with everyone. 

How have you connected with professors or other students? 

I have connected with professors and students. I attended the Academy Management Annual Conference. It was a great experience getting to meet everybody in person. 

Have you applied any coursework to your career? 

I have applied the program by using business analytics to drive business decisions and strategy. I am really pleased with the program, as I know I made the right decision by selecting Marymount University. 


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