Felicia Hamilton

Felicia Hamilton Ed.D. student
Ed.D. Graduate

What made you choose Marymount for the pursuit of your Doctorate? 

I have successfully completed Marymount University's online Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Innovation. I really could not be more ecstatic! 
Now, when I think back on what led me to choose Marymount University, it was the feeling of community. It was the feeling of family from the very first interactions. Even through my interview, I felt that I would be entering a community and that was very important to me. 

Aside from this being a great university located by where I live and the community, this family that I entered, held true throughout almost three years. This family and community led me to the success that I have garnered today. 
Taking an online program might seem scary. I did it because I was a working professional. Although I didn't consider myself an online learner, it was convenient and garnered me much success — just like it will for you. 


What is the biggest highlight of your online experience? 

The community of family that I entered. I'm so glad that this program utilizes a cohort model. 
We have created lifelong bonds and friendships through late-night calls, phones, texts and our group chat. It has been a fabulous experience to go through this with people who are like-minded. We could express what we needed, what we were going through and our frustrations because we were all experiencing it at the same time. We lifted one another up. 

What do you hope to accomplish by earning an Ed.D. degree?  

I have finished the program and what I hope to do with this great success falls right in line with my passion, which I did my dissertation on — diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). 

I hope to continue to be a champion and an advocate, specifically for people of color, within the realm of education. This includes students, faculty and staff. We still have a long way to go when it comes to DEI within education. I want to be the one that affects change. I think that I have started doing that with the theory that I coined, “black value,” when writing my dissertation.

What advice do you have for those who are considering the program? 

Should you click the button? Should you fill out the application? You absolutely should. 
Are there going to be challenges and bumps along the way? Yes, there will. 
Will you get frustrated? Absolutely, you will. 

But the community of faculty and professors that I have met and worked with are beyond supportive. They are here for you to succeed. They are going to celebrate you. They are going to be just as happy for you when you complete the program. 

If you are hesitating, you can do it. Absolutely, you can do it. 


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