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I was fortunate enough to have gotten my MBA at Marymount. I completed that in 2005. So it had been a while since I'd been in school and as I'd been looking for different programs, I ran across Marymount's program. I was very excited to learn more about it. So as I reached out to the staff that was there, one of the things that I was very pleased with is the level of engagement. I felt like everybody involved really worked hard to minimize and remove any hurdles to not just getting in -- but to making sure that any hurdles that were in the way of the students receiving their education were also removed or minimized.

The professor's experience in industry adds a real depth to the instruction, and it also adds great diversity and dynamic element to the actual teaching itself. To the conversations that we have, to the different discussions and allows for a practical applied ability for the teachers to relate to the students, which just makes the experience that much better.

I will also say that not just is the curriculum and the content that we're learning exciting, motivating, challenging and cutting-edge, but it's extremely applicable immediately. I found that from the things that I was learning literally within the first few weeks, I was able to apply them to my work. I was able to expand what I was doing at work and bring those benefits to the workplace and to my job immediately. I also have found that the DBA program is very, very well-regarded and that as I was seeking other employment that other people or that future employers knew about it and were excited and valued it. And I actually found that it helped me to find a job again, where the knowledge that I was learning was immediately applicable. And that it not just helped me to find another job but helped me excel in that new job as well.


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