Lisa Reents

Lisa Reents EdD Student
Ed.D. Student

What made you choose Marymount University for the pursuit of your Doctorate?

I chose Marymount University for several reasons.

Firstly, the program has worked well with my personal and professional life. Having the program completely online gives me a lot of freedom to continue my work schedule which can put unexpected demands on me. Also, having just launched my fourth kid off to college, home life has and can prove to be hectic. 

Secondly, I appreciate MU’s founding, mission, and vision which I find agreeable with my worldview. I was very interested in seeking a program that could offer me a robust education alongside solid ethical threads. Due to recent societal changes and climate, I believe having a solid ethical focus alongside an educational opportunity would best position me for the future. 


What do you hope to accomplish by earning an Ed.D. degree?

I am hoping for more professional and personal opportunities with my doctoral degree. I am looking forward to more flexibility in my work options, allowing me to teach higher-level students and possibly heading up a team of faculty as well. 

I also believe that diversifying my educational background, blending education with my professional degrees, will position me very well for more opportunities. In addition, this type of education will broaden my world and local perspectives while giving me the practical and relevant tools that will strengthen my work and how it affects those I interface with. 


What are your long-term professional and personal goals?

My dream job would be to be part of a freestanding simulation center that will serve nursing, medical, and other health care professionals in gaining knowledge, skills, and other important strengths which will ultimately improve patient care and save lives. Personally, I am looking for a flexible work environment as my husband nears retirement. I am also looking for more fulfillment in my work and career long-term. 


Tell us a bit about your background up to this point – personal and/or professional.

My professional background is half clinical and half education. Clinically, I cared for patients in intensive care with a variety of medical and surgical issues. I also worked with dialysis patients. Educationally, I taught in associate degree nursing programs with curriculums being either traditional or conceptual. Presently, we are working towards building a baccalaureate program at the technical college for which I work. 


What motivates you to complete an online program?

I love the freedom to drive myself as hard as I like while enjoying the independence in taking classes online. I also learn so much by observing and working through the various courses within the Ed.D. program as to how the courses are set up and executed. 

Also, my peers have been such a rich source of knowledge when it comes to the online application of knowledge sharing and brainstorming. They are one of the richest sources of knowledge I get to tap into within this program. This makes the program so motivating and fun!!


What do you think of the Ed.D. program so far?

My favorite part of the program so far has been the research class. It was a very grueling and challenging course, but our professor was excellent and guided us extremely well through the process. 

I am really satisfied with what I am getting out of the Ed.D. program overall. The faculty and leadership of this program are extremely supportive of our efforts and ideas which continually help with the improvement of this new and exciting program. 


What is the biggest highlight of your experience with the MU Ed.D. program? 

I also really got a kick out of what I learned through the technology class this past summer. Again, it was a challenging course which made me really dig around for how to complete assignments. But once I completed my assignments, I really felt a sense of pride. Now, I can go around and brag about the fact that I put together a needs assessment, which was no small task!


Anything else that you’d like to share?

Just want to say, as a new program, there were some bugs to work out, but overall, the faculty have made this process smooth and enjoyable. 

Every day, I realize more and more that I made the right choice by attending Marymount and working towards the Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizational Innovation. 

I am appreciating more and more why this degree is so important. The skills and attitudes that I am acquiring through the coursework will make me the most effective person I can ever be. Thank you to my Marymount Ed.D. professors and leadership!


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