Pretty George

Pretty George, EdD Student
Ed.D. Student

What made you choose Marymount University for the pursuit of your Doctorate?

I chose MU because I have a passion for leadership and for helping new leaders start their leadership journey. Over the years, I've been fortunate to have had experiences that have molded me into a better leader. I started researching Ed.D. programs about five years ago. MU's Ed.D. program offered innovation as part of the curriculum, which was essential to me. Ranissa Scott, an admissions counselor for the MU Ed.D. program, sold me on Marymount and the program. She was very responsive, kind and enthusiastic.


What do you hope to accomplish by earning an Ed.D. degree?

I've been a team leader for the past 15 years. Knowing the proper techniques to manage those who you lead is crucial to continued overall success. I know the Ed.D. program will give me expanded knowledge to improve my leadership abilities.


What are your long-term professional and personal goals?

Long-term, professionally, I am to become a Chief Information Officer (CIO). I want to lead an IT organization with definition, compassion and determination. As far as personal goals, I plan to launch my leadership methodology called SPY2, a model for future leaders to use as they bring change within their organizations. Also, I hope it will be taught in leadership classes in the future.


Tell us a bit about your background up to this point – personal, professional, or both.

Personally, I'm the daughter of Indian immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1980s. My parents and little sister have been my greatest supporters as I decided to start my doctoral program. An important principle my parents instilled in me and my sister was to always ask the question, "how do you pay it forward?". For example, a smile can go a long way in making someone's day. A pay-it-forward gesture is not about the investment of dollars but, more so, the investment of yourself in others' lives. As a smile can go a long way, so can asking a person how their day is going. Your investment in someone's life is the best pay-it-forward model.

Professionally, I have 15 years of experience within health care businesses and IT operations. I have experience in launching new software programs combined with integrating existing systems into new platforms within the revenue cycle and hospital management realm. Currently, I work as an IT leader overseeing business and revenue applications for a hospital in Pasadena, CA. Having obtained a master's degree in Organizational Management, I strive to empower and influence the teams I manage, cultivating an atmosphere where they feel inspired and motivated to achieve professional and personal goals. The utmost privilege of working in a team environment is the opportunity to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.


What motivates you to complete an online program?

Online programs require commitment, structure and motivation. I am determined to effect change for the leaders of the future, which I know this MU Ed.D will allow me to do.


What do you think of the Ed.D. program so far now that you have completed your first year?  Favorite topic or moment?

I love the program! Attending Marymount has been the best decision I've ever made. My favorite moment was when I met with Dr. Paula Cristina Azevedo to discuss my dissertation topic. Her passion for research has been inspiring.


What is the biggest highlight of your experience with the MU Ed.D. program? Faculty? Something else?

The professors have been the biggest highlight of the program. The Sync sessions are excellent, and I love them. Also, having the ability to reach out to professors and ask questions at any time is great. In addition, the availability of the professors and their support. It's a great program!


Anything else that you’d like to share?

Anyone deciding to choose a doctoral program should think about these two questions — why do you want a doctorate, and what is your passion? If you choose the Ed.D program at Marymount, the program will not just enrich you, but you will change and make a difference in the lives of those individuals that you encounter. My motto is that “influence walks with you (pending trademark).”                           


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