Why Our Students Value Their Marymount Ed.D. Program Education

Marymount School of Education
Marymount School of Education

What do a school principal, an advocate for the inclusion of children with disabilities in faith-based learning environments, and a nonprofit executive director have in common? You might say “a passion for helping others,” and you would be exactly right. But there is one more thing that each of these professionals share, and that’s their pursuit of a doctorate in the Marymount Online Ed.D. Program.

From schools to philanthropies to social justice organizations, educational leaders are impacting the lives of individuals, families, and communities for the better. In fact, professionals with expertise in educational leadership even work on the national level, influencing policy development and strengthening education infrastructure nationwide. 

Are you looking to gain the knowledge and skills to become a leader in your own community, and want to know how Marymount University equips you for success? Consider five elements of our Ed.D. program that students and alumni say drew them to Marymount’s program, prepared them for their desired careers, and made them proud to be Marymount alumni. 



The Online Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership & Organizational Innovation (Online Ed.D.) at Marymount University is strategically designed to align with best practices and wisdom gained from influential thought leaders.

Toni Bissen

A focus on educational leadership and organizational innovation sets the Marymount Ed.D. apart. In fact, Ed.D. student Toni Bissen says that Marymount’s Ed.D. program was focused in two specific ways that meant something to her: social justice as well as “organizational leadership suitable for professionals outside of education.” 

Pretty GeorgeLikewise, Ed.D. student Pretty George notes that she chose the Marymount program because it was that clear that “the Ed.D. program will give me expanded knowledge to improve my leadership abilities.”

By honing in on educational leadership principles and organizational innovation techniques, the Ed.D. program prepares students for a wide variety of leadership roles in educational settings, communities, government, health care, and public and private organizations.

Want to apply your EdD to a career outside of education? Read more about some of our students:



One of the hallmarks of the Marymount Ed.D. program is its flexible, fully online, format. The program is designed for working professionals, does not require a GRE, and can be completed in under three years. The program emphasizes meaningful student-to-student interactions, prioritizing communication and collaboration between students and faculty alike. 

Lisa Arthur HeadshotEd.D. student and Catholic school teacher Lisa Arthur says that “the online experience has been engaging. It allows me to plan when I do schoolwork and that flexibility has been important to me.” 

Principal and Ed.D. student David Slater echoes Arthur’s comments, saying, “The MU professors have been flexible and responsive. They realize that we have obligations outside of our coursework. They have done an incredible job making sure our learning experience is a productive one.”

Travis ZimmermanCTE teacher, educational consultant, and Ed.D. student Travis Zimmerman notes that “The discussion board overcomes time zone disparities among the cohort members. I like the design of this program. The weekly reflections are useful.”

Through eight consecutive semesters of learning that are shaped by flexibility, collaboration, and achievable goals, working professionals are able to prepare for educational leadership positions through the Marymount Ed.D.



If you ask our students and alumni what they have loved the most about their experience at Marymount, you will hear a common refrain: “the faculty!” 

“The faculty definitely has been the highlight of my experience with the Ed.D. program.” - David Slater, Principal and Ed.D. Student.

Justin Ralston

“The Ed.D. program professors at MU are very responsive and supportive.” - Justin Ralston, High School Principal and Ed.D. Student.

“My favorite moment was when I met with Dr. Paula Cristina Azevedo to discuss my dissertation topic. Her passion for research has been inspiring . . . the professors have been the biggest highlight of the program. The Sync sessions are excellent and I love them. Also, having the ability to reach out to professors and ask questions at any time is great. In addition, the availability of the professors and their support — it's a great program!” - Pretty George, IT Leader and Ed.D. Student

“It is a great experience learning with and from a talented group of dedicated people as we share this educational journey together. Another highlight is the support and encouragement that we receive from the faculty.” - Toni Bissen, Nonprofit Executive Director and Ed.D. Student

The inspiring Ed.D. faculty at Marymount University represent decades of excellence in education. 



The online Marymount Ed.D. program brings together the best of both worlds — online flexibility that empowers working professionals to learn from wherever they are, and deep roots in the heart of Washington, D.C., where educational policy is formed. 

Justin Ralston, Principal of Theodore Roosevelt High School in Washington, D.C., appreciates that the program is both online and has footing in such an influential part of the country. But those local to Washington, D.C., are not the only ones who are glad Marymount University is based there. 

Toni Bissen works with incarcerated women, so Marymount University’s proximity to the epicenter of legislation in the United States is meaningful to her, as well. 

“My professional focus is to address issues of trauma underlying the disproportionate representation of Native Hawaiian women in prison,” Bissen says. “To increase my effectiveness through leadership training and organizational development to serve justice-involved women within the correctional system and community, as well as their families, is also a focus.”

Whether Ed.D. graduates want to teach in the classroom, serve as principals or administrators, work in legislation, or lead nonprofit organizations, the insight that comes from Marymount’s presence in the Washington, D.C., community is a meaningful asset to their Ed.D. experience.



The Marymount Ed.D. program prepares graduates for a variety of leadership roles in both academic and non-academic settings. These are just some of the career paths our alumni have taken or our students intend to take:

  • School principal
  • Policy professional at the school district level
  • IT leader
  • Chief information officer at an information technology company
  • Think tank researcher
  • Author on best practices in instruction and social-emotional development
  • Nonprofit executive director

Graduates of the Marymount online Ed.D. program will also be equipped to pursue roles such as curriculum developer, superintendent, and chief learning officer. Anywhere that leadership, educational expertise, and organizational strategy are needed, a Marymount Ed.D. graduate will be ready to help make a positive difference.


Prepare to lead transformational change with an Ed.D. from Marymount University Online

Have you been looking for a way to further your career and leadership potential while remaining true to your personal and professional commitments? Are you excited by the ways that excellent leadership, strategic innovation, and educational best practices can elevate individuals and communities? If so, Marymount’s Ed.D. degree may be a good fit for you.

With the skills, knowledge, and expertise you gain during our program, you will be ready to step into leadership in a variety of professional settings. Our flexible, fully online program will equip you to take a solutions-oriented approach to problems that arise in education, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and more. The program is designed for working professionals and can be completed from start to finish in less than three years.

Expert faculty, a network of leaders throughout Washington, D.C., and a robust alumni family are ready to help you accelerate your career in leading others and solving real-world problems. 

Learn more about the Ed.D. from Marymount University Online.