Jéri L. Ogden

Jéri L. Ogden Marymount Ed.D. Student
Ed.D. Student

What made you choose Marymount University to pursue your doctorate?  

I'm so proud to be a Marymount Saint! The reason why I decided to pursue online study via Marymount was the flexibility. 
It is such a joy to not feel the stresses of making it to campus a few times a week and also know that I am getting a world-class education from anywhere in the world.  
I had the ability to travel and attend class in the evenings when we have synchronous sessions. I've had the ability to switch careers while I was in the program, and I don't think my flexibility would have been the same had I decided to attend a program that was not online. 

The additional ability to go to campus, because I currently live in the area, has been phenomenal. I'm just so proud to be a part of this program. 


What is the biggest highlight of your experience?  

One of the things that I think has really been most important to my career and to my academic successes has been the staff and faculty within the program. They are so supportive.  
The staff and faculty are so open and willing to meet with students and give guidance, advice, mentorship, and opportunities that have been applicable not only to my academic success but also to my professional career. 
I have been able to use the information I have learned in class directly in my role, and that has been priceless. It has been phenomenal. 


What do you hope to accomplish by earning an Ed.D. degree? 

One of the things that I think I will accomplish when I finish the program is the ability to elevate the voices of black principals across the nation. 

My dissertation topic is focused on black women principals and burnout, and the work that I have been able to already do has put me into rooms and conversations with people that I would not have known had I not been working on this proposal and this dissertation. 
It has been a phenomenal experience to engage with folks as we work through solutions on how to support principals across this nation. That is something I'm really looking forward to continuing after I get my degree and seeing what I can accomplish in that realm. 


What advice do you have for those considering the program? 

Take advantage of the cohort. My cohort has become some of my closest friends. We are so thankful for each other and for being able to communicate, build relationships and have someone to lean on. 
As you go through this process, treat this as seriously as you would if you were going to class two or three or four times a week. Create a schedule for yourself. Discipline is necessary, but you can do it.  
It is possible for you to complete this program. You will be so thankful that you've pushed yourself to do so. 


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