Gabrielle Bahou

Gabrielle Bahou online ABSN student
Online ABSN Student


Video Transcript

I was inspired to attend Marymount University Online because I wanted the flexibility of creating my own schedule and being able to work and be around my family. What I'm most excited out with the program is that I get to travel to different clinical location sites, and then I can also complete the program in 16 months. So it's not a very long program.

By earning my ABSN degree, I would like to work in hospitals probably initially. And then I would like to use my ABSN degree to do a higher nursing degree, so like nurse practitioner. By earning my ABSN degree, I would like to work in local hospitals in the Virginia area, and then also continue my education and pursue advanced practicing in nursing. So online experience for me has been kind of challenging, just the overwhelming aspect of the acceleration, but I do enjoy it because I can study on my own time and make my own schedule. So I am enjoying it.

The most important thing that I've learned currently in the beginning of this process is to learn time management and organizational skills, because in an accelerated program, you really don't have much time to get yourself situated. So organization and time management, for sure. So my advice for future online ABSN students is to make sure that you practice good organization skills and make sure that you are very dedicated in your work. 

I am from Pennsylvania currently and I plan to be moving to this area since I need to be able to work in Virginia and have a license here. And I enjoy meeting my professors and the lab instructors. They're very, very helpful when you have a lot of questions and especially with learning online, it's a little bit harder to get hands on aspect of it. So the lab has been very helpful and then meeting my classmates has been really nice because we talk during Zoom sessions, but we don't get to see each other in person. So it has been nice to get to know each other.


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