Erin Griffin

Erin Griffin Online ABSN Student
Online ABSN Student

Video Transcript

My name's Erin Griffin and I'm in the online ABSN program. I really like that the program offered the flexibility that we can do everything from our own home besides the two-week clinical immersion. And then we do all our in-person clinical skills in hospitals, nursing homes area. The thing that inspired me most about attending Marymount University Online was the flexibility it offered. The most exciting thing for me about the online ABSN program is our two-week, in-person clinical skills labs. 

I want to accomplish earning my degree and then hopefully eventually work in either the NICU or in the labor and delivery unit. So far, the experience of studying online has been going really well. I love the flexibility, and I just know that it's really important to have the discipline you need to go through the modules and the weekly readings. The most important thing I've learned so far through setting is the head-to-toe assessment. It's important as nurses, we're going to do that every time we see a patient and every shift we work, we'll be doing that.

The advice I have about attending the online ABSN program at Marymount is just to consider what's best for you and your family, and kind of consider how you learn and how disciplined you are. So so far, my experiences with Marymount have been really great. My professors seem to really want me to succeed and are very helpful, and I have really enjoyed getting to know all my classmates and especially through this two-week clinical immersion. So I'm coming up from out of town, so I'm staying here for two weeks to do the in-person clinical skills lab. We've been working really hard and getting to do a lot of hands-on learning just to include vital signs. We're going to be doing nasal gastric tubing. The clinical skills labs have been really great because we've gotten to really know each other as a cohort, and it's been really great to just collaborate and learn off of each other. And getting that hands-on experience is really helpful.

My online experience so far has prepared me for these in-person clinical skills labs, and even just to prepare us for going to our in-person clinicals with our preceptors has really helped because we've gotten to go through modules. A lot of the teachers post videos for us to watch. And then putting it all into practice with our in-person one has really just put it all together and I feel ready to go out and do my lab, the clinical skills but with real patients soon. I feel very prepared to go out in person and practice my clinical skills on real patients. The clinical skills labs, the professors have been really hands-on, helpful. They have really directly shown us while we're standing there with them how to do our clinical skills, and I find that very helpful and I really enjoy the hands-on that we've gotten to do with the professors.


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